Talk Wrench Community Making Caravanning Friendlier

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Talk Wrench Community from CaravanVlogger. Why Join?

I've felt for a long time that a lot od social media is toxic. I use this word a lot when talking about Facebook, Instagram and things like Twitter (X). The main problem is much of it is not moderated well. I mean, someone isn't looking at the activity and stepping in when things get our of line. many admins just setle for making a set of rules and expecting people to follow them. Some do, but many don't.

Not only can Facebook be toxic, but the contant stram of information means that you miss a lot of useful stuff. Also, it's a little known fact that platforms like Facebook decide what you se and what you don't see. I think it's a reasonable assumption that as a member of a group, you'll expect to see every post, or at least have the chance to, this isn't true.

80% of members sign up after their 2 week trial

A sensible community run by sensible people

Why Talk Wrench Is Different

Our community membership is pretty special. It focuses on how we can make a huge difference in your travelling life. You can join in here and have the peace of mind that you'll be treated properly, respected and not bullied.  

I understand if you think you shouldn't pay for something that you might think is free (like Facebook, Twitter etc) But it isn't really free. They might not ask you for money, but you'll be subjected to adverts.

As people are paying to join, it makes sure that they want to be here, learn, help others, and, of course, have fun. There's no one lurking, waiting to make fun of anyone

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Talk Wrench Community:

  • Being part of a community, where members contribute to the running of it, you'll find people have a completely different attitude.
  • You'll establish lifelong friendships, bonding over shared experiences and a love of travelling.
  • You'll cultivate a strong sense of belonging, experiencing support and camaraderie in your journey as a caravanner.
  • You'll gain more confidence with your newly found caravan knowledge; even experienced caravanners will learn something, me included.
  • Primarily, the community is a learning experience and a fun place to hang out. You'll learn from other members and other members will learn from you. 

People join because they want to be here; they want to help and participate.

Benefits of Membership

Included in your membership you'll get access to all Talk Wrench Community spaces. These are individual chat areas which make it easier for you to find the information you need. 

There are over 20 spaces for you to explore, for example; 

  • Warranty Issues
  • Campsite Chat
  • Caravan Tips
  • Caravan Quizzes
  • Towbar Chat
  • and much more....

Caravan Quizzes have recently been introduced, a space where you can test your caravanning knowledge, don't worry it's just for fun! 

As if this wasn't enough, you'll get exclusive content from me (CaravanVlogger) as well as early access to my vlogs. Both of these will be AD-FREE. So watch them early without ads - how good is that!

All this without the negativity of some Facebook groups. Everyone is treated as an equal, everyone helps each other, there's no such thing as a stupid question.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced caravanner, we can all either learn something or help someone.

Making caravanning a friendlier place, one post at a time...